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From "Jeremy Aston" <>
Subject RE: Profiling Cocoon for cheapskates
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 12:29:26 GMT
Hi Stuart,

My strongest recommendation would be to go out at lunchtime to your nearest
Borders or Waterstones and see if they have Richard Hightower's "Java Tools
for eXtreme Programming".  If not - order it from Amazon for delivery
tomorrow!  This is one of the best computer books I have ever read and
covers Junit, HttpUnit, Cactus, Jmeter, JunitPerf etc.  I have used HttpUnit
tests on Cocoon apps without issue and expect to be able to use the same
tests as the base for performance measuring since the tools share a base

All the tools are free, Java based and *should* work without issue on the
Mac.  Using the various tools you can set tests up to handle fundamental
class methods (Junit), front end functionality (HttpUnit), in container
stuff (Cactus) and tie it all up to performance tests with Jmeter/JunitPerf.



 -----Original Message-----
From: 	Stuart Roebuck []
Sent:	05 December 2002 11:41
Subject:	Profiling Cocoon for cheapskates

I need to do some code optimization / profiling on Cocoon and some
additional Cocoon libraries we've built.  This raises an issue which I
thought might be of general interest, and hoped might open up some new
avenues of profiling discovery!

If there was an open source based approach to profiling Cocoon code, I
would be happy to write up the process to aid others in the future.

x  Unfortunately...  x

* We're on a budget and can't afford to pay $400+ per seat for a
commercial profiling tool.

* java -Xrunhprof appears to die during final output when given the
significant task of profiling our code in Cocoon in Tomcat in Java,
etc..  It's also fairly slow, but we would live with that if it worked.

x  Fortunately...  x

* We're developing on Mac OS X - but that might not help us in finding
low budget profiling tools! :-)

x  Resources...  x

* A good starting point for profiling resources is Jack Shirazi's Java
Performance Tuning web site:
which has a list of free tools:
My initial attempts (though brief) to get a selection of these running
on Mac OS X has been unsuccessful.

x  Questions...  x

1. Does anyone have any experience of any free profiling tools other
than the built in JDK tools?

2. Is there a way of turning the built in profiling facilities on and
off with code (in order to selectively profile code and avoid
overloading the built in profiling facilities).  This used to be
possible in Java 1.1. <-- little known useless fact!

3. Any other useful Cocoon library profiling suggestions?


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