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From Michael Homeijer <>
Subject [possible donation] XmlForm popup sample using sourcewriter
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 07:48:57 GMT

I have prepared a sample for Cocoon 2.1 of a xml form popup that reads from
and writes data to a xml file using a sourcewriter. The example edits
business cards from a directory in a popup.

I'd be happy to zip them up and mail these if anybody wants to add it to the
Cocoon samples.

Some background and things to do:
Takes care of the 'show' and 'save' phase of the popup. For now the popup is
handled in 3 phases. Load data using the WriteDOMTransformer, store it in
the session and client-redirect to the 'show' phase. The show phase
determines if the pipeline for showing the popup is called or the pipeline
for saving the data and closing the popup. I didn't find a way yet to
retrieve the xml data in the pipeline just before the action, this way the
dom could be stored in the request instead of the session.

A new version of the ReadDOMSessionTransformer that can read objects from
the session or the request, and that can replace xml data
(position=replace). I think this transformer should be adapted to use
inputmodules, but I am not sure yet on how to implement this.

A new version of the WriteDOMSessionTransformer that can write a dom object
in the request or in the session. I think this transformer should be adapted
to use outputmodules.

Michael Homeijer

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