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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: New Live Site
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:16:27 GMT

On Monday, Dec 30, 2002, at 04:15 Europe/London, Stefano Mazzocchi 

> Jeremy Quinn wrote:


>> I would like to thank all of you here for your help and support 
>> during this project, I could not have done it without you ;)

> Uh, cool.
> Finally a URL space built to last!!!!

As you probably realised, it is a clone of their old site (layout, 
content and url space) so this stuff was already largely determined, I 
did persuade them to drop the suffix though, thank goodness!

> One *nice* way to pay us back would be an article describing the 
> process, your experiences and suggestions for people that might want 
> to use Cocoon for similar projects

I agree, that would be a very nice thing to do, let's see if I can make 
the time ... hope so ...

I made a very small start here:

> (and believe me, there are tons of them waiting to have more info on 
> why/where/how to switch from their homemade PHP solution to a nicer 
> architecture that doesn't lock them in like a nasty and expensive 
> proprietary CMS)

Should I name names? OOHH! =:-O
The client had spent a FORTUNE on Roxen Platform before they took me 
on, what a mess!!! Even they admitted in the end they had 'mis-sold' 
the product .... it is a very very very nasty piece of work! We had a 
joke about it ... buying that product was like being mugged by a horde 
of Vikings! ;) (No offence to other Scandinavians intended). On paper 
it looked great, XML, XSLT etc ... in practise they had their own 
proprietary implementations .... for instance they made xsl:variable(s) 
Variable! They could not understand why the XSLT language was as it is 
specified .... stateless .... they developed their own 'logic language' 
for the platform, they called their first version v7.0, because it 
sounded better than v0.7 (unbelievable but TRUE !!!!). But worst of 
all, they had no COMMUNITY!

> But that's just a suggestion of course :-)

Of course Stefano, I would not take it any other way ;)

regards Jeremy

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