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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject release schedule and live site update
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 13:51:17 GMT
I had my fingers crossed that 2.0.4 might be released by today. However 
I understand the reasons for the delay.

Starting today, I am traveling away from my office for the next seven to 
ten days and predict that I will have little, if any, time/bandwidth to 
update the live site. Therefore, I did the best I could yesterday and 
this morning, syncing common docs between branches, updating the live 
site cvs (both xdocs and javadocs), and updating the web site. Of course 
this isn't a **complete** release update for docs, but it's 99% of the 
effort involved. Clearly files like todo.html, changes.html, etc. will 
need to be updated once the release is official, but **any** committer 
can accomplish this in a spare minutes. For a refresher on how to do it:
  - Check out a version of the live site cvs 
- Add/commit your html files (from any release build). (Consider 
checking links with a third-party tool if you have concerns about the 
html files you are merging.)
- Ask Carsten, Vadim, (or Steven?) to pull the updates to
- Note: there are a few extra files in the live site cvs that are not in 
the release builds. These are redirects. Don't delete them.

Thanks, and congrats to everyone on the release.


P.S. If anyone finds the above process primitive, well, **please** join 
the effort to prototype a Forrest transition for Cocoon docs.

How-To Transition (will save you time getting up to speed):

Latest Transition Issues/Concerns:

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