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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Flow wishlist :)
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 15:12:25 GMT
>> >>  (Someone has also remarked
>> > that this sounded somewhat like a capability that was in C1.)
>> >
>> > yeah, you could implement what you want using dynamically added PI 
>> > (processing instructions) for the C1 reactor, but it would
>> end up being
>> > very messy anyway.
>> When it was described to me it didn't really sound like what I 
>> wanted...
> I think Stefano is on the right track with this dynamic PI pattern ... but
since I never 
> used C1 I've only got a theoretical notion of the C1 "reactor". But I've
used a similar 
> pattern in C2, I think. You can use a pipeline (or a small number of
> containing an XSLT transformer followed by an include transformer. The
XSLT transform can 
> make your decision, and insert elements like this: <xi:include
> of-some-complex-functional-logic}"/>
> Then the include transformer resolves the url and recursively calls the
sitemap. The URL 
> could resolve to a database query result, or an error 500 page. This gives
you quite a 
> functional "style" where you need it. One issue I'm aware of here is the
> of the include transformer, but this may not be an issue which your search
> anyway.

This does indeed match up functionally with part of what I want.  It seems
that the caching will eventually get sorted out but even when it is I wonder
about the performance of such an approach? This may in fact work to
experiment with the approach I want to use, if it does I'll let everyone
know (though it will be a while).  If we end up liking this we'll likely end
up submitting some patches for the caching if the problems aren't fixed in
the mean time....

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