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From <>
Subject XMLForm and DOM node initialization
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 17:17:49 GMT
Hello everybody,

I'm using XMLForm and its possibility to access to DOM nodes.

Here is the code in the view (form.xml):

<xf:selectOne ref="/workstationType">
  <xf:caption>Workstation Type</xf:caption>    
  <xf:itemset nodeset="listValues/document/typeOfWorkstation/item">
    <xf:caption ref="description"/>
    <xf:value ref="@id"/>
  <xf:violations class="error"/>

The problem is when I load the web app page (containing the node field) for the first time
(after a Tomcat or Browser restart), the "value" and "caption" fields are empty although the
number of <option> are right.

Here is the HTML source when the fields are empty (first load):
<td align="left"><select name="/workstationType"><option value=""></option><option
value=""></option><option value=""></option></select></td>

Here is the HTML source when the fields are OK (not first load):
<td align="left"><select name="/workstationType"><option value="desktop">Desktop</option><option
value="laptop">Laptop</option><option value="other">Other configuration</option></select></td>

The node is initialized in the Bean (model) conctructor.

Is anybody could help me to understand what's happen?!?
I'm really desparate because I really don't know what could be the problem!

When a web page is loaded, which methods or actions are called?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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