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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Moving forward
Date Tue, 31 Dec 2002 02:05:55 GMT
All right,

due to my travelling I was not able to concentrate on getting this 
bureaucratic stuff done but I want to do it as soon as possible.

The only thing left to write is the charter to propose to the board, but 
before doing that I would like to hear your comments about my vision of 
what should be.

Please, allow me to say that this is my personal vision as a member of 
this community, and that counts as anybody else's. I'm just sharing my 
ideas and putting them on the table to see how others feel about them.

So, if anything hurts your feelings or kills your dog, please understand 
that I'm just trying to move foward by seeking consensus.

I'm writing this disclaimer just to make sure I don't have to dissipate 
tons of negative energy later on.

                                    - o -

Vision #1
      - Cocoon
      - Forrest
      - CocoBlog
      - Wyona

(since there is people from all these communities here I won't cross 
post for now, feel free to forward though)

I've already contacted the Wyona people and they say they would love to 
donate their work to the ASF and be hosted there. Of course, to be fair 
with other projects, the project name will have to change, also because 
of collision with the Wyona commercial entity. But even this was agreed. 
Of course we'll let them choose their new name, just like it happened 
for dbXML/Xindice. (I suggest to avoid acronyms though, in relation to 
the general apache naming spirit)

I don't know what the forrest people think about this. So let's hear it.

As for CocoBlog, I think it would be cool to make it more visible, but I 
want to know how many people are interested in following this up and 
making sure it grows sane.

I have to tell you: cocoon-apps seems too much of a graveyard to me and 
having a cool blogging tool on top of Cocoon would be a very nice way to 
show off our power to a bunch of users, expecially once blocks are 

So, the focus should be -> cocoon and cocoon-related stuff
    - cocoon -> core architecture and blocks
    - forrest -> documentation system
    - cocoblog -> blog system
    - xxx (was Wyona) -> content management system

The problem of this is that we repeat the project-containment problem 
over again. That is: the PMC might become disconnected from the real code.

The alternative vision is

Vision #2
   - cocoon
   - forrest
   - xxx (was wyona)
   - cocoblog

This is today the suggested incubation path, even if it's not imposed if 
there are alternatives.

                                   - o -

Ok, fire. And please, if you see other alternatives or other things that 
I didn't mention, please, feel free to add.

Ah, final note: this *HAS* nothing to do with any infrastructure 
concepts like '' and stuff. That's another concern and will 
be dealt with *after* we have a PMC established and we are ready to go.

Thank you.

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <>

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