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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Re: Javadocs: need basic package information
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 10:02:59 GMT
i have read the thread

i'd like to start it,

i think writing a single packages.xml is better than maintaing 84 
package.html files.

* add a packages.dtd ala faq.dtd
* write a single packages.xml conforming to packages.dtd
* write for each package :
   1st paragraph headline, abstract will be presented in right column of 
the package list
   2nd paragraph usage of classes, interfaces, exceptions of this package
   following content links to more specs, and docs

* write a xslt to transform, and split packages.xml to the src/java 
*  do the same for blocks, each block will have its own packages.xml
* add a packages2html.xsl to the cocoon documentation

do we have specs documents? there is specification.dtd, but is there any 
use ?

any comments?
by bernhard

packages.xml snippet for org.apache.cocoon:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!-- package missing -->
<package name="java/org/apache/cocoon">
   Provides interfaces, classes, and exceptions of Cocoon's processor.
   The Cocoon processor is the top-level controller of the Cocoon system.
   The interface Processor defines the basic contract of the Cocoon 
   The class Cocoon implements the Processor interface.
   The Cocoon processor is an Avalon component, processing an 
Environment object.
   The Environment is created in a concrete runtime environment, like
   Servlet environment, and Commandline environment.
<since version="Cocoon 2.0"/>

<!-- package missing -->
<package name="java/org/apache/cocoon/acting">
   Provides interfaces, classes of Cocoon's action component.
   The Cocoon action is an Avalon component.
   A Cocoon action defines an hook-up for defining a pre sitemap 
pipeline processing.
<since version="Cocoon 2.0"/>
<!-- more packages

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