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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-cocoon2 changes.xml
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 17:00:03 GMT wrote:

>haul        2002/12/18 08:49:18
>  Modified:    .        changes.xml
>  Log:
>    <action dev="CH" type="add"due-to-email="" due-to="Antonio
Gallardo" fixes-bug="13070">
>     Add a new tag xsp-session:getxml to XSP. In this course moved session.xsl
>     for JAVA as well as XSPSessionHelper to session-fw block. Removed
>     dependencies to XSPSessionHelper and moved functionality to XSPRequestHelper
>     which already deals with session.
>    </action>    

-1, I've got strong objection on this one.

I'm sure that placing and naming of this functionality is wrong, but as 
long as I can't contribute, I'll shut up - free to add it.

But the more serious issue is that xsp-session logicsheet belongs to the 
core Cocoon - as Session object itself is, which is not the case with 
the session framework aka sunShine (sunRise?). Please move session 
logicsheet back, it breaks existing Cocoon applications using session 
logicsheet only and introduces unnecessary dependency.
Regarding XSPSessionHelper: it was introduced (recentlly) to decouple 
session from Request helper. Intent was to *deprecate* session-related 
functionality from request helper and request logicsheet and phase-out 
this eventually.


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