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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: SAP Components / Licence
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:26:59 GMT
> Actually IMHO no. If a component doesn't have people that overlook it,
> that means advance in the development, and no feedback from users, which
> means that in this non-perfect world it's not used, then it's not a
> healthy component. In opensource user testing is vital in keeping the
> system working. the FileGenerator is non-healthy or when was the last time we got 
feedback about it? ;) Seriously: I don't think we always get feedback on 
components that are "just working".

> Apache code is licensed with the Apache license. Current version is 1.1
> Any additional credit in the license is (IANAL) to be decided by the
> board of Apache.

ah - ok!

> >> I think that this SAP feature is *very* *very* important, but I'm
> >> concerned over how we would maintain it. I would like to know it 
> there's
> >> a way in which we can actually have that code tested.
> >
> >
> > Well, I do have the necessary jar to compile it but I cannot really
> > test in real life. But I am pretty sure we sooner or later gonna have
> > a committer that will have a testing environment... until that we can
> > mark it as unstable block and wait for user feedback.
> Hmmm... I'd prefer to wait till we actually have this testing in place,

That's also what I prefer! But I think these components might become
a very important point to gain more visibility. How would you like to
announce them to get people taking care of them if we don't have it
in our CVS?! I doubt people will go trough the patch queue when looking
into cocoon.

> or someone actually actively cares for it in Cocoon. Michael said he's
> working on it, let's wait and see what he proposes. My impression is
> that it will address these issues.

well, no need to hurry - but the patch was in the queue for ages...
...would be nice to accept this donation - finally ;)

> It's not that I don't want dead code in Cocoon, it's that I want live
> code! See it from the positive side :-)

always do :)

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