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From SAXESS - Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject Re: How to use serlvet as generator in the cocoon pipeline
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:05:00 GMT

I can give you an answer to the first question:
Cocoon does not support session preserving, but i
need this and i am about starting a project together
with some of the cocoon experts in this field.

Currenlty there are three and a half options:

1.) enhance the webproxy generator
2.) explicitly use HTTPClient submodule
3.) create an axis based solution

The half option is simply to enhance the
underlying URLSource to maintain session state.
I say "half", because i am not a cocoon developer and
the idea just came to my mind. I have no response on
this idea yet, but as far asa i can see from the sources,
this could be a super light weight option...

The solution will hopefully be worked out until the
the end of this week, although i won't promise anything
here for now ;-)

As soon as there is some valuable result, i will post
a message to this list.

regards, Hussayn

loganathan wrote:
> Hi
> I have the following requirement in my current project . we have number 
> of servlet's which generates XML output using that we have to transform 
> to HTML .I have number of problems when i use servlet as generator  in 
> the pipeline.I listed down the problems below
> 1) How can i handle the session in cocoon.
> 2) Will it be possible to give relative path of a servlet in the 
> generator part of  the pipeline.
> 3) How can i pass parameter to the servlet using POST method.
> 4) If i use sendRedirect in the generator  part of the servlet what will 
> happen in the remaining part of the pipeline.
> I understood for some level that the WebServiceProxyGenerator solve the 
> problem.
> If possible send me a copy of the WebServiceProxyGenrator to me or let 
> me know where can i download the code.
> with regards
> R.Loganathan.

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