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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: Compiling with Servlet spec 2.3 classloading
Date Sat, 14 Dec 2002 23:37:39 GMT
I've also had to try to solve the embedded compiling problem (for other 
reasons) and I've also tried to use Pizza. Unfortunately, Pizza is very 
poor quality code and has severe limitations that made it unusable for 
me. Instead I've used the Java Development Tools compiler 
(which is excellent) to implement a simple embeddable compiler API. I've 
placed a copy of the source code on my ftp server if anyone is 
interested in using it ( 
There is no license for the code I've written. The API itself has no 
dependencies on other software. And the provided implementation has no 
dependencies other than on eclipse (don't know if that is a problem for 
Apache projects...).

The provided zip file contains source, compiled code, javadocs, and  a 
couple of example programs: one that simulates the javac command line 
compiler, and another that demonstrates compiling source code in memory 
and dynamically loading the resulting classes.



Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> wrote:
>> Gee, now I've been lurking about the cocoon mailing lists for years, 
>> posting small and easily ignorable questions - and now this reply; 
>> it's probably the first time I see: "You are my man, really. I love 
>> this." on this mailing list... thanks Stefano - nice to know that I 
>> might be on the right path.
> Hey, you saved me from writing a java compiler, isn't that something? ;-)
>> Actually I haven't patched pizza, just extended one of their classes ;-)
> Even better.
>> I tried to compile pizza myself but ran into some troubles getting 
>> the bootstrap compiler for the pizza files up and running, and since 
>> extending their classes did the trick I didn't bother too much. As a 
>> side note: I kinda like the strongly typed hashtables of the pizza 
>> language (highly irrelevant for the classloading matter)
>> The code is actually written for my employer, but he has on more 
>> occasions agreed to let solutions sieve back to the open source 
>> community - and this thing is really small....
> Great.
>> A small disclaimer: I haven't tested this beast thoroughly, but I 
>> know for sure that statements like "import 
>> java.util.logging.SocketHandler" and "import java.util.loggging.*" 
>> work equally well - which was one of my major concerns since all I 
>> have is a classloader (and not a jar-file) and hence I cannot list 
>> the contents of a package (I might be wrong on this). But it seems 
>> that the pizza compiler is doing *the right thing* (tm) and scanning 
>> all star-imports for classes not explicitly imported.
> good
>> First of all a big thank you to the Pizza people for creating the 
>> compiler that makes my small addon possible - as written I've posted 
>> a message on the pizzacompiler discussion forum, asking whether they 
>> would like to add my stuff, 
>> but no reply yet - apparently not everybody is as eager about 
>> classloding compilers as cocoon folkes. I will immediately send of an 
>> email to the developers asking if they could accept my stuff. In the 
>> mean time please copy my stuff if you need it. Find attached a 
>> zip-file containing both source and compiled version - dump the 
>> neupart-pizza.jar into WEB-INF, edit cocoon.xconf to use the 
>> compiler instead of the 
>> normal Pizza compiler class - and off you go!
> Great. I'll try it ASAP.
>> This version might not be the final say on the issue!
> ok
> thanks much

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