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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Re: Deciding Flowscript <-> Sitemap hooks [was: Re: Changes made to flow system.js]
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:05:21 GMT
Hunsberger, Peter wrote:

>>So, my proposal would be
>>  sendScreen(uri, data);
>> sendPage(uri, data);
>Ugg, although I can see a semantic difference between a form and a page I'll
>be darned if I can see a semantic difference between a screen and a page
>(given that we're not dealing with page oriented media in most cases
Agreed.  Add in the fact that automated agents don't have a screen per 
se but still fill out forms.  Web developers already understand the 
concept of a form.

>>                                    - o -
>>I have an alternative proposal, even if this requires more changes to 
>>the system:
>>Instead of "sendScreen", why don't we do:
>>  var objectModel = getClientInput(uri,data);
>> sendPage(uri);
>Seems much better to me!
Yes!  To me as well.

- Miles

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