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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: flowscript save-on-back
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 15:28:30 GMT
Hi Daniel

Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Interesting!! Could you tell a litle bit more about how this construct 
> works? What corresponds to the try block in ordinary exception handling 

There is no corresponding try block in this case. See section 2.2 in

> IMHO the above code is complicated to follow and requires good 
> knowledge about how continuations work to be graspable. I prefer the 
> construction Ovidius construction proposed as it abstracts away the 
> use of continuations.

I agree, that you need to be aware of  the existence of continuations.

> Futhermore, in general one need different code for collecting request 
> parameters for different form pages.

You can provide different such catch blocks in each function that 
collects request parameters.

> What about implementing Ovidius construction with the concepts you 
> described? Maybe something like the following could work:
> // Similar to sendPage() in system.js
> function formSendPageAndWait(uri, bizData, 
> collectRequestParametersFun, timeToLive)
> {
> catch (continue) {
> collectRequestParametersFun();
> }
> return sendPageAndWait(uri, bizData, collectRequestParametersFun, 
> timeToLive);
> }
I think that would also work.



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