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From Daniel Fagerström <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Implementing XMLForm with Flow
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 10:12:33 GMT
Ugo Cei wrote:

> Premise #1: XMLForm has great support for XForms and validation, but 
> it uses butt-ugly actions for implementing the Control part of MVC.
> Premise #2: Control Flow rocks as an MVC (or MVC+) controller.
> Conclusion: let's reimplement XMLForm using Flow as the controller and 
> get rid of those actions.
> Plan of action: familiarize myself with both frameworks (I just 
> started using flow) and their internals, then start designing and 
> coding. I have a couple weeks' vacation starting Jan 1st and it would 
> be nice to have some nice OS project to work on ;-).
> Ivelin, Ovidiu (and everybody else), what do you think?
>     Ugo
We had a discussion about half a year ago about how to integrate XMLForm 
and Flow [1], I proposed a design and booth Ovidiu and Ivelin seemed to 
approve it. I also spent some time implementing the XMLForm wizard 
example in the propsed way, and had a working implementation for a short 
while. Due to non intuitive caching behaviour I succeed in breaking my 
implementation without noticing it and never got it to work again :(, 
(debuging flow scripts was a nightmare back then). It would be 
interesting to give it a new trial, hopefully the framework is alitle 
bit more mature now. I could also send my broken implementation to the 
list if anybody is interested.

Ovidiu proposed a small extension [2] of flow script that will simplify 
back button handling in forms significally.

Daniel Fagerstrom

[1] Flow and XMLForm, see especially 
the first half of the thread.
[2] Re: flowscript save-on-back

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