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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [C2.1] - About components lookup and release....
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:21:18 GMT
Thanks Stefano.

I think this is a very important issue. I am glad that my voice is listen
from you. I know I am too new to this project but I think my experience
can helps a little too.

Please sorry for my english. I know sometimes it looks strong, but this is
the only way I can write what i mean. I learned it in the net.

I am reading the book of Carsten and Matthew for 2nd time. Now with more
experience to try to get some more tips that can helps to improve Cocoon.
As soon as I will find new issues I will post it here.


Antonio Gallardo.

Stefano Mazzocchi dijo:
> Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In the current model every component dveloper must take care of
>> lookup() and release() every resource it takes from the
>> ComponentManager.
>> I think this is a bad practice. Why?
>> It remember me the old MS Windows days 3.0 (to at least Windows Me).
>> When a bad written applications (in the case of Cocoon, read
>> component) can hang all the system.
>> There is an analogy to the current model of Cocoon:
>> If your component "forget" release the resource it lookups before,
>> then it will start to "eat" all the memory and you will have soon or
>> later an "Out of Memory Error" and the need to restart the server. :-(
>> I propose to find another way to manage the componets and get away
>> this issue.
>> Why every component developer MUST lookup() and release(). I think the
>> lookup() is fine to define the components a component need. But the
>> release() must be done by the ComponentManager (Its my point of view).
>> For example, the ComponentManager must take care of what and when
>> "release" a resource.
>> I hope the above catch my point of view. Thanks for get this comment
>> in the correct way. I dont need to say that I still love Cocoon!
> Autodecommissioning of components has been proposed for Avalon 5.0
> --
> Stefano Mazzocchi                               <>
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