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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Cocoon IDE with debugger
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 09:32:02 GMT
On 12.Dec.2002 -- 10:08 AM, wrote:
> Anyway, whatever the outcome I look forward to this new development as it
> certainly is something that is needed badly. Perhaps Gianugo and Nicola
> could provide some details on what they are thinking of?

What we were discussing is a possibility to debug the pipeline. For
this we have currently the LogTransformer. One could put this between
several transformation steps and see what happened.

A little improved would be a solution that captures a complete
document after one step and displays it. This doucment could be used
to feed the next step in the pipeline. This, however, does not deal
well with communications through a sidechannel like the
objectModel. I.e. during the transformation the objectModel could be
changed which in turn affects another transformation step. 

The third and most promising variant would be to place the debug
transformer at the end of the pipeline. It could pop up a window
showing the current event and a button to continue. Since processing
is stopped until the SAX event call returns, it would be possible to
single step the pipeline in conjunction with the log transformer.

Of course, a deluxe debug transformer could show the generated
document so far and event allow to inspect the objectModel.

Actually, I believe that showing the Document in a tree control would
be relatively simple. Adding an option whether to confirm every event,
or only special events (like endDocument) would be nice as well. And
together with the XPathProcessor's selectSingleNode it should be
relatively simple to break on XPath expressions as well.

This should be an outline of our discussion (Nicola, Gianugo, and
myself) on Monday.

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