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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Implementing XMLForm with Flow
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 04:42:55 GMT

I hope you are the last hero trying to confront this monster.

The discussion how to combine the two has been going on forever, but we have
not come to an agreement.
I would gladly offer my tactical guidance for your effort.

The biggest issue that I had so far with the flow is how to implement in an
elegant way, navigation logic which depends on domain knowledge.
For example how to do a wizard where the next page (Car Models) depends on a
selection on the previous (Brand Name) as well as a lookup to an external
resource (BMW's Web Service providing a list of current car models or a db

If I was to do this with Actions, I could use well known and standardized
Java APIs - JWSP or JDBC.
Maybe my issue is that I used the Struts model for too long and I can't get
out of the box.



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From: "Ugo Cei" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 2:35 AM
Subject: [Proposal] Implementing XMLForm with Flow

> Premise #1: XMLForm has great support for XForms and validation, but it
> uses butt-ugly actions for implementing the Control part of MVC.
> Premise #2: Control Flow rocks as an MVC (or MVC+) controller.
> Conclusion: let's reimplement XMLForm using Flow as the controller and
> get rid of those actions.
> Plan of action: familiarize myself with both frameworks (I just started
> using flow) and their internals, then start designing and coding. I have
> a couple weeks' vacation starting Jan 1st and it would be nice to have
> some nice OS project to work on ;-).
> Ivelin, Ovidiu (and everybody else), what do you think?
> Ugo
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> Ugo Cei -
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