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From Colin Paul Adams <>
Subject Re: [RT] Using pipeline as sitemap components (long)
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 18:14:32 GMT
>>>>> "Sylvain" == Sylvain Wallez <> writes:

    Sylvain>   <map:generate src="another_xdoc.xml"/> <map:serialize
    Sylvain> type="pipeline" src="doc2pdf"/>

    Sylvain> Note : the "src" attribute doesn't currently exist on
    Sylvain> <map:serialize>, but it seems the more natural and
    Sylvain> consistent way to name the called pipeline. Wether this
    Sylvain> translates to implementing SitemapModelComponent or not
    Sylvain> is another story.

It seems highly unnatural to me, as it is a drain rather than a
How about drain="doc2pdf"? 
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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