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From Tony Collen>
Subject Re: [Summary] WebServiceProxyGenerator & wsproxy-method parameter
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 06:09:48 GMT
On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Ivelin Ivanov wrote:

> Tony,
> my apologies for the POST problem.
> The WSPG does not read the wsproxy-method parameter yet.
> It passes as a GET everything.
> This is relatively easy to fix.
> If you can spend a few more minutes (after one of banging your head in the
> wall;)
> see the WSPG code which initializes the HttpClient Method with a GET and
> replace that with
> a configurable behavior.


Not a problem at all... let's just say I'm familliar with the WSPG code :)
Another good thing that came from this is that I decided to write a
generator that basically encapsulated all the code in the servlet that was
generating the XML and wrote a generator :)

Another problem was that for some reason, when Cocoon was connecting to
the remote servlet, the httpclient would not get any response from the
server, which I think was an actual network problem.  I hope moving the
WSPG to the same server will alleviate that problem.

Like I said in my previous message, I'll probably submit a patch to the
existing WSPG to add some more useful debugging info, and then spend some
time adding some functionality to the component.

And perhaps adding a message to the README about what actually doesn't
work would be nice, too :)

Thanks for all the help and the patience!


Tony Collen --
College of Liberal Arts   University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, West Bank

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