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Subject Re: [design] Cocoon Blocks 1.1
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2002 11:44:25 GMT
<P>&gt;&gt; <BR><FONT FACE="Monospace,Courier">5) the 'uber library
of cocoon blocks'. Where do we host it? how to we<BR>manage it? How do we provide the
block discovery web service? which<BR>technology do we use: SOAP or REST?<BR>&lt;&lt;</FONT></P><P><FONT
FACE="Monospace,Courier">Please don't write SOAP _or_ REST. REST is an architectural style
and can be applied to SOAP as well. In fact SOAP 1.2 allows using GETs....but I am getting
OT.</FONT></P><P><FONT FACE="Monospace,Courier">I suggest we consider
using WSIL (</FONT>
as a way for cob discovery. WSIL is a &quot;simple&quot; XMl format that provides
either links to other WSIL files or to service descriptions. Bindings currently exist for
WSDL and UDDI - so we would probably have to add a new binding for the COB description file.</P><P>We
would then place an &quot;inspection.wsil&quot; at the root of and
that would then point to the available cob decriptions or to the cascaded WSIL files. </P><P>Matthew
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