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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Releases
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 13:46:15 GMT

Luca Morandini wrote:
> I'm not at ease with the "2.1 alpha" concept, I'll tell you why:
> 1) "Ordinary" users would feel encouraged to use it, increasing the burden
> on the mailing lists and spreading confusion... and I fear the
> warning won't
> stop them, since it so easy to download it and try
Hmm, I don't agree with you here, usually alpha releases should only
be used to sneak into something but not for producing a solution on top
of it.
But I guess in the case of Cocoon this might be a little bit
different - although I really do not understand why. You really don't
have to always use the latest and greatest versions.

> 3) There are many features of 2.0.3 still unknown to many, hence,
> IMHO, the
> 2.1 roll-out should be carefully managed not to further confuse users

That's true for the finale release.
> 4) A couple Cocoon books have been released recently, another one
> is in the
> pipeline, and the release of a new "major" version would make them, if not
> obsolete, rather incomplete
I don't think they will be obsolete, because the concepts of Cocoon
are still the same from a user perspective - some things for
developers change, but that's not that spectacular I think.
You're right that these books do not cover everthing - but I don't
consider this a problem, because these books cover the important
basics. If you understand these basics than you will not have many problems
with the additional/new stuff.
And you always get incomplete books. Just buy one about "Java" and
you will see how much is missing there - and that's no problem at
all. (Ok, this comparission is perhaps not fair)

> To sum it up: I'd rather devolve some efforts on having a rock-solid 2.0.x
> with improved doc than an alpha 2.1.
It's not the case that we say "it's either A or B" - some of us are focusing
on 2.0.x and some of us are focusing on 2.1 (and some are trying to
develop post 2.1 things right now...). So actually, we *could* have both
without any problems - at least in theory :).

> Not that I dislike flowmaps and blocks... quite the opposite :)
> Just my 1.2c (after tax).
It's always good to hear other opinions/comments - because it's
not carved in stone that we (= Cocoon community) always do the
right things. So, thank you for your remarks.


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