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Subject Re: Re: [advice needed] New i18n implementation
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 20:18:16 GMT

Hi Marcus,

sorry for my late response, I am 200% busy for the rest of this week ;-)

the current TagTransformer implementation is available in the scratchpad 2.1
Look at: "org.apache.cocoon.taglib.*" and
In the moment there are some example Tags available like:

we are currently working on Tag's like.
FormatDateTag, FormatNumberTag, BundleTag, TextTag ......
This Tags are not in the CVS, we had to stop our implementation because of
resource problems with a big eCommerce Project :-(  I think we can follow up
with this in one or two weeks.

The decription of my first version can be found:

The addon to the enhanced version which is now in the scratchpad (with variable

we will follow up with better i18n examples ......and I also want to rework the
variable handling a little bit.

any comments or Tag implementors are welcome ;-)



> P.S. The BASF IT developers suggested to rewrite the i18n transformer using
> their Tag (JSP-like) transformer and it seems to be a more flexible
> approach, but unfortunately, I didn't have time to spend on investigating
> it. I think that in their implementation it's much easier to add new tags.

     Ok. Volker, is the code available somewhere ?

> P.P.S. I have new translations for i18n samples in Japanese, Chinese and
> Korean!!! They look excelent! ;)

     Cool :)



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