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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [important proposal] Cocoon as official Apache project
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 13:13:24 GMT
"Steven Noels" <> wrote:
> Pier Fumagalli wrote:
>> Can't you just redirect? I mean... If you have to showcase static content
>> (that's where mod_cache could help), you can generate it offline, and put it
>> up on daedalus as static HTML files, and forget about it...
> I believe we (Forrest/Cocoon-people) went already at much length
> explaining the current publication mechanism using CVS as a deployment
> mechanism of (generated HTML) is far from optimal, given CVS's
> 'interesting treatment' of new directories and the headaches one
> encounters when removing unlinked/old pages.

There's not only CVS... You can use "rsync"...

>> If you're generating dynamic content, mod_cache wouldn't help (as it's
>> dynamic), and it would only make things harder...
> A lot of the content would be dynamically generated from static XML
> content, i.e. documentation. Content expiry headers could set making
> sure content is only expirying daily (just an idea). Still, having one
> global generation mechanism (Cocoon) for the entire site will provide us
> with unified treatment (look&feel, navigation) of both dynamic and
> 'not-so-dynamic' content. It will be nice challenge for us Cocoonies to
> set up the website so that cache expiry is transparently configured,
> dependent on the nature of the pages, but it's the kind of challenges we
> like, and it will be yet another great test for the
> scalability/performance of our framework :-)

If you make it expire once a day, daedalus will end up refetching the entire
website every day (shuvload of HTTP requests, unless you don't use GZIP as a
filter, all your content will be passed on the wire uncompressed - and I
don't know how to deal GZIP compression between server and proxy and
differently between proxy and client)...

Use "rsync". It works, it's nice, it compresses all content, it's
one-connection per a number of files, it doesn't have problems with
added/removed directories and or content, and it transfer _only_ what has
changed between the server and the client (so, the "expiry" of a document
gets set only when that document is actually _changed_)...


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