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Subject RE: [OT] cocoon is like windows
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 20:16:17 GMT
I thought of Cocoon as an XML/XSLT processing environment, not XML
publishing tool. So, whenever someone makes something interesting with XML,
Cocoon developers plug it in to Cocoon in form of transformer or generator
and so on. So, I don't have to write Java programs for every XML tool, I
nicely use Cocoon's component and make that tool cooperate with other stuff.
Currently, I've to go and set up sitemaps. Why not to allow me 'directly'
invoke any component I want? It'll be more interactive. Easier to experiemnt
with and, perhaps, to learn XML.

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From: Steven Punte
Sent: 11/1/02 2:01 PM
Subject: Re: [OT] cocoon is like windows

> Here's the idea: why not to allow bypass Web GUI in
> Cocoon. Maybe sitemap
> must be gone too. So, there must be means to build a
> Cocoon powered system
> in such a way, that I can see what components are in
> Cocoon and use them
> deliberately. Suppose, I launch URL: /generators/dir
> and get the list of
> generators. Then I say: 
> /generators/xsp/bla-bla@/serializer/html/ya-da-da
> This will be my command line to launch a generator
> then forward it to a
> serializer.
> Or like this:
> /generators/xsp/bla-bla@/temp/a
> This would store the output in the temporary URL:
> /temp/a, so it can be used
> instead of the generator later on.

	You "could" do this, but why would you want to?  
	That is, aside from it being something "cool"
	can you describe a more realistic application
	in which this would be used?  

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