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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject caching in pipelines
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 15:48:01 GMT
Hi All,

I find the most difficult part of Cocoon to understand ATM (apart from 
Avalon ;) is Caching.

My 2.1-dev site currently has pages that might CInclude 4 or 5 separate 
internal pipelines. Some cacheable, some not (SQL and Lucene).

It's far too slow, I am trying to work out why, and specifically how 
any caching might be working.

Does the CachingCIncludeTransformer cache at the level of the PipeLine, 
or at the level of the individual CInclude tags within the document?

Should CInclude be able to cache internal pipelines it calls, if they 
are made up exclusively of cacheable components? Because it is 
difficult to see that this is actually happening. Running the Profiler 
on these internal pipelines appears to show that they are executing 
every time I hit the same page, taking a similar duration each time 
they are hit,

The non-caching CIncludeTransformer actually seems marginally quicker.

=:-{eek} what's happening?

I am very confused about the different caching directives, and the 
effect they have on pipelines.

Can anyone point me to documentation on this stuff?

In the 'Profiling' sample, the sitemap has:

	<map:pipeline type="caching">

		this is only in the profiler sitemap is it a typo?
		it is similar to the other profiler @types.

What is this meant for?
What effect does it have on pipelines (<map:match/>s) that contain 
non-caching components?
Should it be used?

In the two files:


There is reference to :

	<autoCachingPoint>on|off</autoCachingPoint> element.

What is this all about?

Thanks for any help!

regards Jeremy

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