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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Mods to CocoonLucene
Date Sat, 16 Nov 2002 15:16:41 GMT
Thanks for your reply Bernhard,

On Saturday, Nov 16, 2002, at 12:27 Europe/London, Bernhard Huber wrote:

> hi
>>> Adding configuration to SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl you work
>>> the same way as in SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl.
>>> Adding your <title> stuff SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl may be  
>>> expressed
>>> in the configuration:
>>>   <index-field-rules>
>>>     <!-- sequence of index field rules is important,
>>>       first come first server rule resolution
>>>     -->

I don't understand this comment ....

>>>     <index-field-rule name="*@title" mode="Indexed,Stored"/>
>>>     ....
>>>     <!-- the default rule as yet used -->
>>>     <index-field name="*@*" mode="Unstored"/>
>>>     <index-field name="body" mode="Unstored"/>
>>>   </index-fields>
>> You have me confused, now, are you saying this is already implemented?
>> I cannot find any reference to this configuration in the 2.1 code.
> now the index-field-rules configuration snippet above is a suggestion
> to make your title stuff configurable, it is not implemented yet,
> just a suggestion how the configuration should look like.

OK, that's clear now.
This configuration looks ideal, but it is a little too complicated for 
the time I have to contribute.

Can we consider a simpler one?
When the fix below is made, it is much easier for people to filter 
their content to suit a simpler scheme.

In the code I have locally, I just store, unindexed, untokenised, any 
<title/> tags to the 'title' field (but still add it indexed to the 
body field). Vadim suggested the config could consist of just allowing 
the single tag name to be changed or I suppose turning that behaviour 
off by setting it to an empty string.

I agree it would be useful to add multiple fields like 'summary' etc. 
but I just don't have time ;)

>>> ad Index Updating:
>>>   hopefully will answer you later....
>>> ad Content View Setting:
>>> define in your sitemap:
>>>   <map:view from-label="content" name="index-view">
>>>    <map:serialize type="xml"/>
>>>   </map:view>
>>> Use index-view in indexing/crawling a new view-name, check by using  
>>> url ...?cocoon-view=index-view your setting
>> Are you sure this configuration is being read?
>> The default "cocoon-view=content" is set in  
>> "SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl", but I cannot see where the 
>> configuration  overrides the default.
> you are right, i put the view label-snippet-sitemap snippet above to
> explain how to configure a new view.
> As you pointed out the new view definition is yet useless as 
> SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl is still a bit ignorant....
>> SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl has an empty 'configure' method.
> that's right, SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl has empty 'configure',
> and if you want to change it you are free to use the configuration 
> suggestion of above, and add your own needs.

I'll try and get this done.

Any objections to the change I made (but not committed yet) to 
SearchGenerator, that allows setting of the 'query' from the SiteMap?

	<map:generate type="search">
	 <map:parameter name="query" value="+(doc@search_region:archive) 

regards Jeremy

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