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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Flow wishlist :)
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2002 20:29:45 GMT
>>>> hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, I have FS alarms ringing all over the place in
>>>> my head, but I have several great examples of where having that 
>>>> would rock the planet.... but still, I'm afraid of people going back 
>>>> adding programmatical logic to the sitemap....
>>>> ... but it would be *so* cool to have a Workflow definition language
>>>> created as markup and then having a pipeline that generates the 
>>>> flowscript by XSLT transformation!
>>> I've been exploring the ability to define flow via XSLT and parsed
>>> markup
>>> for some time now. I've a conceptual design in my head so far, but it 
>>> is
>>> very different from what exists in Cocoon so far, and different from
>>> generating flowscript:  it seems to me that the essential requirement 
>>> here
>>> is just to be able to drive Cocoon via XSLT parsing of the current 
>>> context
>>> (request, session, etc. as the user sees fit).
> <snip/>
>> Ok, we'll keep this on the stack of 'possible wild proposals', ok? :)
>> No, seriously, I'm very happy when people think about radically
>> different approaches to solve the same problems because that's how 
>> innovation takes place.
> Gosh!
> I was expecting to see Stefano blow up there!! ;)
> What you are describing sounds very like a common Cocoon 1 webapp 
> model, whereby XSLT Stylesheets would use data in the DOM and internal 
> logic to inject Processor Instructions to direct transformation flow.

Never got to play with C1....

> I still find myself wanting pipelines that will react to changing data 
> in the pipeline, ie, changes the processing path by changes in the 
> data. But you are in a world of pain trying that in Cocoon now, it's 
> not the way you are supposed to work .... you can't suddenly say, Ohh 
> look, I reckon I need to run the SQLTransformer on that .... unless you 
> always put it on your pipeline whether it is needed or not. Unless you 
> have a MetaTransformer ... applies whatever Transformers are needed, 
> that are registered to handle that namespace.

Well, I can see how you don't want to use a procedural model to do all this.
Is sort of sounds like the C1 method wasn't a functional model and/or it
allowed dynamic modification of the input model?

> In fact thats analogous to your pipeline fragments you want to call 
> from inside another pipeline, he! he! ;) a pipeline with no generator 
> and no serializer is a meta-transformer! (head down ;)

He! He! Indeed.... Interesting comment; it points out how close what I was
describing is to the problem in general.

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