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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Mods to CocoonLucene
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:32:59 GMT
Dear All,

I am making some modifications to the way Lucene works with Cocoon, and 
am wondering if you lot think these modifications are suitable to add 
to the 2.1 CVS.

1.) Allow the 'query' to be set on the SearchGenerator from the 
Sitemap. (Currently, it only reads the query directly from the request, 
setting via the sitemap overides this)

	WHY?: because you can do lots of funky things like modify the query on 
the fly by manipulating sitemap params directly or via an Action. This 
is useful for things like security (not allowing certain docs to become 
hits to certain users), partitioning (searches of only part of a site), 
search wizards (helping to build complex searches) etc.

2.) Modified LuceneIndexContentHandler to add (Stored, Untokenised, 
Unindexed) 'title' fields to the index, made from <title/> tags in the 

	WHY? So that you get the title(s) of your documents with the search 


	mod 1 has no impact on anyone using Lucene as it is today, as the old 
mode of operation is not effected.

	mod 2 _does_ have an impact on the way Lucene works, if you have lots 
of <title> tags in your document, you will get all of them displayed in 
your hits. If there are too many for your taste, you would need to 
pre-filter your content, using a stylesheet in the 'content-view' to 
simplify your docs before they get indexed.

	IMHO, this is a good thing to do anyway!!

thanks for any input ......

The next modification I am planning is to allow the re-indexing of 
single documents ..... but I have a few more important things to do 

regards Jeremy

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