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From ġURDINA Michal <>
Subject [BUG?] XSPGenerator breaks standard logicsheets
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 16:15:49 GMT

Following problem emerged after migration from Cocoon 1.8 to Cocoon 2.0.3.

Cocoon2 (XSPMarkupLanguage.PreProcessFilter) performs wrapping of PCDATA
nodes in source document with <xsp:text> elements before performing xsl
transformations with logicsheets. This fact is not taken into account in
built-in logicsheets in template "get-nested-content". They do not treat
generated <xsp:text> elements correctly.

Consider following xsp page. Essential part here is the binding of parameter
"name" for <request:get-parameter>, where the value is provided by another
taglib statement (simple xsp:expr in this case, but rather a call to a tag
from user defined logicsheet).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xsp:page language="java" 
  xmlns:request="" >

    <xsp:logic>String paramName = "param1";</xsp:logic>


Although this looks like working, this page causes Java compilation errors
because of whitespaces and newline characters within <request:name> element.
I think there is a bug in get-nested-content in request.xsl, particularly in
<xsl:when test="$content/xsp:text">, because this condition does not count
with <xsp:text> elements added by ServerPagesGenerator before processing by

Q1: Why text node wrapping behavior was introduced in Cocoon2 (Cocoon 1.x
worked without that)?
Q2: If this is a bug, do you need my help to fix that?


-- MisoD --
Michal Durdina - 
ASSET Soft a.s.,
Kosicka 56, Bratislava, 821 08
Slovakia, Europe

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