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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: OT: Summary: Cocoon Stammtisch @ Frankfurt
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2002 12:31:07 GMT
Michael Hartle wrote:

> * Who: Regarding the guests, the list has grown considerably compared to 
> the last Stammtisch - hopefully I haven't forgot anyone, but currently 
> it looks like Marcus Crafter, Michael Melhem, Wolfram Eisert, Christian 
> Haul, Mariano Kamp, Torsten Curdt, Matthew Langham, Carsten Ziegeler and 
> Andreas Fuchs plus myself are probably going to visit, making it 10 
> people; when our "international" guests can make it too, we'd be 13 - 
> well, I am not superstitious, but anyone is invited to increase that 
> number.
> * When: As a date for the Stammtisch, we more or less settled on 
> December, 9th; we might even have some guests from the UK (Andrew 
> Savory), Belgium (Steven Noels) and perhaps Italy (Nicola Ken Barozzi).

Make that affirmative for me (as in 'booked my tickets' already) for 
Monday 9/Dec - Andrew & David from Luminas will be coming too.

> * Where: Here, we still have to decide - due to lacking public transport 
> connectivity and the necessity for un-alcoholized drivers for the 
> Schnitzel armageddon, we need an alternative location (*sigh*) that is 
> easily accessed via public transport. Michael Melhem proposed an irish 
> pub at Frankfurt/Hauptbahnhof (@Michael: "main train station", so I made 
> an educated guess - right ? Do you have a phone number of that pub ?) 
> which should reduce any travelling by public transport to a minimum, but 
> I fear that we lack the possibility to reserve for up to 13 people, 
> having a meal or a noise level suited for a decent conversation, but I 
> may be wrong. An alternative proposal of mine was a good restaurant at 
> Frankfurt/Höchst, about 3 train stations (or 9 minutes) from 
> Frankfurt/Hauptbahnhof, which is close to the train station,  large 
> enough for us, provides good yugoslavian food and you can have a good 
> talk over there; all this needs is using the local train towards the 
> city - at 00:39, the latest train (S1 direction "Offenbach Ost") heads 
> towards the city.

At what time would we need to be ... wherever? Maybe it is easier to 
reserve seats somewhere closer to the city center? I don't know 
Frankfurt that much, but I suppose getting to the city center must be 
pretty easy.

And maybe create an overview page with all info on the Wiki: - the link is already 

See you there!

Steven Noels                  
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