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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject Re: OT: Cocoon Stammtisch @ Frankfurt
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 01:48:05 GMT
Michael Melhem wrote:

>I suggest we move the Stammtich to somewhere near the FFM main train 
>station. This way it will be less travelling for everyone. There is new
>irish pub down that way we could try?? what do you guys think ??
Hm, I'd be in favor of a good meal :-) Okay, regarding transportation, 
the Schnitzels are a bit difficult to get to, although Hofheim has a 
train station that is directly connected to Frankfurt; as probably more 
and more people are going to visit, I have another location that I can 
recommend which is called "Stadt Höchst" in Frankfurt/Höchst, about 5 
minutes walk from the train station which is well-connected to 
Frankfurt/City (only 3 stations from the main central station), removing 
the need for non-alcoholized drivers or complex transportation 
arrangements :-)

Well, it's "just" nicely decorated, normal-sized tables, but still has a 
cozy ambience; it is able to harbour 15+ Cocooners without any problem 
and they serve really delicious yugoslavian food (@Torsten: MEAT :-) ) 
instead of german schnitzels. Service is pretty fast and although the 
food dimensions do not strive for unfinishable sizes as with my earlier 
proposal, you won't leave hungry either - I never did. Another bonus is 
that the noise level is normally quite low so we've got good chances at 
actually understanding each other :-) Comments ?

>Michael Melhem
Best regards,

Michael Hartle,
Hartle & Klug Consulting GmbH

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