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From Paul Duffin <>
Subject Serializer and SitemapModelComponent
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 17:45:43 GMT
Why is the Serializer not an instance of SitemapModelComponent when both 
generators and transformations are ?

I realise that none of the existing Serializers actually need the 
information which is supplied by the setup method and that if you are 
not careful it is very easy to use the ServletResponse incorrectly but 
by not making it available you are severely limiting the flexibility of 

We need access to both the ServletRequest and ServletResponse which 
means that we need either the Environment, or the objectModel.

At the moment it is possible, albeit very hard and ugly to get hold of 
the Environment from a Serializer. You have to create your own 
transformation which does nothing apart from storing the environment in 
thread local data which can then be accessed from the Serializer. This 
is not really a stable solution.

Is there a better way of getting access to the Environment from within a 
Serializer ?
     The CocoonComponentManager stores the information away in a similar
     way to above but does not provide a method to get the information

The following link shows a discussion which took place in April this 
year which seemed to indicate that this was going to be changed but 
unfortunately it does not seem to have changed at all.

Is active development still taking place on Cocoon ?

What are the chances of the Serializer being changed to implement 
SitemapModelComponent ?
     It does not appear to be that big a change apart from the effect
     that it will have on existing Serializer implementations which do
     not extend the AbstractSerializer class.


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