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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Real-Life Events
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:10:50 GMT
> OTOH, for Xers, it is more interesting to have a whole day of 'X' 
> instead of some 'X' with some 'Y' interspersed. I believe this was 
> part of the succes of Gent.
> If interesting stuff gets mixed with less interesting stuff (the Xers 
> will value the Y stuff less, and the other way around), chances are 
> that both worlds will rate the event as just below their interest 
> threshold, and don't care to go (or if they go, will be disappointed).

I understand this viewpoint.  I simply disagree with it.  My 
appreciation for Cocoon was greatly enhanced by my understanding of 
Turbine for instance.  And vice versa.  Then again, I'm very strange.

> Cross polination is good, but I think their are 2 "viewpoints" that 
> are interesting to developers, but should be separated in time and 
> occasion. The X events should allow for an in-depth examination of one 
> specific project (X). The cross polination would more happen on the 
> ApacheCons, which should host as many projects as possible.

I understand this viewpoint as well, I simply disgree with it.  The 
number of people who would come to a Cocoon-specific event in my area 
would be rather low.  The number of people who would come to an event 
that included Struts but would enjoy learning about Cocoon would make it 
worthwhile.  The number of people in my area who made it to the 
Apachecon could be counted on one hand and one of the fingers includes 
the organizer ;-).

> I believe this too. In the extreme, the presentations are just an 
> excuse to separate the groups that have formed during the breaks, to 
> allow for the creation of new groups in the next break :-)

Yes.  All the more reason for combined events ;-)

> tomK
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