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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Real-Life Events
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:04:07 GMT
I feel this criticism is unjust.  MHO.  It would probably be next to 
impossible to arrange such an event without sponsors, and even more 
difficult to land such a sizeable sponsorship without them wanting 
something in return.  Secondly, we had some clue about what the talk 
would be like and no one FORCED anyone to attend.  So this is totally 
FUD.  I think Ken did a great job organizing it and that the "necessary 
evil" was done tastefully and in a manner that allowed people to opt out.

I think showing a bit more in the way of appreciation would be in order. 
 But that's just me.

Thanks Ken!

-Andrew "Norwalk'd in Vegas" Oliver

Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

>i'll respond to the rest when i have time, but i *do* want to set the
>record straight on one thing.  please do get this info to whomever is
>Steven Noels wrote:
>>Ken: please don't take the hyperlinked message above as critique. It is
>>just one of the remarks I got from the GetTogether attendees: they
>>really like it to be a GetTogether of users & developers, rather than a
>>conference where sponsors automagically acquire the right for speaking
>i'm not sure what the above is about, but i can't help but take it as a
>critique based on insufficient information.  only one sponsor got a speaking
>slot.  it was 45 minutes long and they paid five figures to be our
>top sponsor.  with the exception of a single keynote, there were *no*
>'sponsor speaking slots.'  that keynote represented 0.7% (yes, less than
>*one percent*) of the session time used in las vegas.  if anyone thinks
>even that's too much of a sellout, i suggest that it adjust its thinking.
>i submit that it's talking through its hat and hasn't actually
>organised an event of even the size of apachecon (which is really quite
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