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From Tom Klaasen <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Real-Life Events
Date Sun, 24 Nov 2002 11:34:21 GMT
Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

>> Sally and I specifically discussed potential ways that the ASF could 
>> be involved in project-specific events, hopefully being able to 
>> delegate as much as possible to others project-specific volunteers.
>> How this could be accomplished and the role on the foundation 
>> (expecially on the economical side) is yet to be estimated.
>> Still, it was impressive how a cocoon-specific event auto-produced 
>> managed to gather around 100 people. I think it's worth considering 
>> as a different model for real-life events associated to the ASF.
> Not to get toooo off-topic but we discussed a little while back on 
> [] we discussed holding an ApacheCon east.  For all 
> the east coasters who can't quite make it cross country or any 
> Europeans who might be crazy enough to make the Atlantic a daytrip or 
> so.  This would be a smaller more informal even of course maybe a 
> couple nights of slideshows and afterwards dinner, etc.  Maybe doing 
> it on a weekend so folks can make it.
> Other lists that I'm on have been talking about "events for Xers" 
> where X is the name of the project.  To me it seems more sensible to 
> combine them and have some cross polination.

OTOH, for Xers, it is more interesting to have a whole day of 'X' 
instead of some 'X' with some 'Y' interspersed. I believe this was part 
of the succes of Gent.
If interesting stuff gets mixed with less interesting stuff (the Xers 
will value the Y stuff less, and the other way around), chances are that 
both worlds will rate the event as just below their interest threshold, 
and don't care to go (or if they go, will be disappointed).

Cross polination is good, but I think their are 2 "viewpoints" that are 
interesting to developers, but should be separated in time and occasion. 
The X events should allow for an in-depth examination of one specific 
project (X). The cross polination would more happen on the ApacheCons, 
which should host as many projects as possible.

> I suggest trying to partner with local universities and JUGs.  The 
> goals should be to:
> a. get greater involvement from outsiders through exposing them to 
> insiders (one hopes the two are not inversely proportional ;-) ) 
> b. give folks more opportunities to get facetime.  Stronger 
> relationships are formed by breaking bread together.  I'm sure their 
> are studies and crap on this, and I've even read one, but I forgot 
> where they are ;-).  

I believe this too. In the extreme, the presentations are just an excuse 
to separate the groups that have formed during the breaks, to allow for 
the creation of new groups in the next break :-)


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