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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Real-Life Events
Date Sat, 23 Nov 2002 18:43:35 GMT
> Sally and I specifically discussed potential ways that the ASF could 
> be involved in project-specific events, hopefully being able to 
> delegate as much as possible to others project-specific volunteers.
> How this could be accomplished and the role on the foundation 
> (expecially on the economical side) is yet to be estimated.
> Still, it was impressive how a cocoon-specific event auto-produced 
> managed to gather around 100 people. I think it's worth considering as 
> a different model for real-life events associated to the ASF.
Not to get toooo off-topic but we discussed a little while back on 
[] we discussed holding an ApacheCon east.  For all the 
east coasters who can't quite make it cross country or any Europeans who 
might be crazy enough to make the Atlantic a daytrip or so.  This would 
be a smaller more informal even of course maybe a couple nights of 
slideshows and afterwards dinner, etc.  Maybe doing it on a weekend so 
folks can make it.

Other lists that I'm on have been talking about "events for Xers" where 
X is the name of the project.  To me it seems more sensible to combine 
them and have some cross polination.

I suggest trying to partner with local universities and JUGs.  The goals 
should be to:

a. get greater involvement from outsiders through exposing them to 
insiders (one hopes the two are not inversely proportional ;-) )  

b. give folks more opportunities to get facetime.  Stronger 
relationships are formed by breaking bread together.  I'm sure their are 
studies and crap on this, and I've even read one, but I forgot where 
they are ;-).  


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