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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Compiling with Servlet spec 2.3 classloading
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:10:55 GMT wrote:
> Gee, now I've been lurking about the cocoon mailing lists for years, 
> posting small and easily ignorable questions - and now this reply; it's 
> probably the first time I see: "You are my man, really. I love this." on this mailing
list... thanks Stefano - nice to know that I might be on 
> the right path.

Hey, you saved me from writing a java compiler, isn't that something? ;-)

> Actually I haven't patched pizza, just extended one of their classes ;-)

Even better.

> I 
> tried to compile pizza myself but ran into some troubles getting the 
> bootstrap compiler for the pizza files up and running, and since extending 
> their classes did the trick I didn't bother too much. As a side note: I 
> kinda like the strongly typed hashtables of the pizza language (highly 
> irrelevant for the classloading matter)
> The code is actually written for my employer, but he has on more occasions 
> agreed to let solutions sieve back to the open source community - and this 
> thing is really small....


> A small disclaimer: I haven't tested this beast thoroughly, but I know for 
> sure that statements like "import java.util.logging.SocketHandler" and 
> "import java.util.loggging.*" work equally well - which was one of my 
> major concerns since all I have is a classloader (and not a jar-file) and 
> hence I cannot list the contents of a package (I might be wrong on this). 
> But it seems that the pizza compiler is doing *the right thing* (tm) and 
> scanning all star-imports for classes not explicitly imported.


> First of all a big thank you to the Pizza people for creating the compiler 
> that makes my small addon possible - as written I've posted a message on 
> the pizzacompiler discussion forum, asking whether they would like to add 
> my stuff, 
> but no reply yet - apparently not everybody is as eager about classloding 
> compilers as cocoon folkes. I will immediately send of an email to the 
> developers asking if they could accept my stuff. In the mean time please 
> copy my stuff if you need it. Find attached a zip-file containing both 
> source and compiled version - dump the neupart-pizza.jar into WEB-INF, 
> edit cocoon.xconf to use the 
> compiler instead of the normal Pizza compiler class - and off you go!

Great. I'll try it ASAP.

> This version might not be the final say on the issue!


thanks much

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <>

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