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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Cocoon GetTogehter in Ghent
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 14:26:53 GMT
Matthew Langham wrote:

> Can we get something set up for discussing 2003? I would like to get a
> discussion going while the impressions are still fresh!

People _seriously_considering_to_actually_work_together_with_me_ on the 
next edition, please subscribe yourself using (listname inspired by the mailing list). Everybody is free to join, etc etc - but 
joining and doing anything else than lurking comes with a price...:

<rant>I know "seriously considering to actually work together with me" 
sounds quite heavy but to be honest, I just experienced the amount of 
work involved setting up this kind of semi-professional, but budget-wise 
still manageable event, and I'd rather like fewer people who are really 
willing to help out but then also are prepared to donate actual time to 
it (inside normal working hours), rather than lots of volunteers for 
discussion, ranting and whatelse, but no actual work being carried out.

Pretty negative, I know, but that's the experience from also being 
steering member of the xmlbelux user group, which conference & 
exhibition tomorrow are attracting only half as many people as our 
gettogether, even though there was a much bigger working budget. This is 
partly because of quite a few of us steering members who didn't have 
real bandwidth when the time was there for doing things.

Matthew and I did some talking (too little) yesterday, and at least the 
two of us -who might appear as having a vested commercial interest in 
this kind of events-, are pretty much convinced that getting bigger 
would be nice, but that we weren't willing to give up the formula and 
authenticity of this event for that matter. Hence remaining a free event 
if at all possible, hence having sponsors to carry the weight of the 
budget, but still not being prepared for making a commercial event out 
of it (and I regard ApacheCon as being a commercial event for that 
matter - with sponsor speaking slots etc etc).</rant>

Hope this establishes a good working spirit for next year's event.

Steven Noels                  
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