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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Re: Mods to CocoonLucene
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:25:42 GMT
just getting online, and found some time to answer your question:

ad Short Description:

SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl lookup a component with role
LuceneXMLIndexer.ROLE by default cocoon.xconf
associates SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl with this role.

ad Configuration Questions:
SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl is already configurable,
making SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl configurable,
check the coding in SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl, and read
the Avalon Framework Configuration API Documentation.

Changing the configuration for SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl
you modify cocooon.xconf:
   <!-- change merge factor from default value 10, to 5
        see SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl configure()

   <!-- change analyzer to German Analyzer
        see SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl configure()

Adding configuration to SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl you work
the same way as in SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl.

Adding your <title> stuff SimpleLuceneCocoonIndexerImpl may be expressed
in the configuration:

     <!-- sequence of index field rules is important,
       first come first server rule resolution
     <index-field-rule name="*@title" mode="Indexed,Stored"/>
     <!-- the default rule as yet used -->
     <index-field name="*@*" mode="Unstored"/>
     <index-field name="body" mode="Unstored"/>

ad Index Updating:
   hopefully will answer you later....

ad Content View Setting:
define in your sitemap:
   <map:view from-label="content" name="index-view">
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>

Use index-view in indexing/crawling a new view-name, check by using url 
...?cocoon-view=index-view your setting

hope the explanation helps....

bye bernhard

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