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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Exhibition feedback : the magical Cocoon logo
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 16:31:20 GMT
Hi all,

I'm just coming back from the "XML forum" exhibition in Paris. You know 
what ? A lot of people know and use Cocoon.

There was Cocoon wallpaper displayed on my laptop and many people came 
to ask "what are you doing with Cocoon" ? Of course, the immediate 
answer was "I'm one of its developpers" ;-)

Two important things to notice. One good, one bad :
- people that have heard of Cocoon but don't use it have a very positive 
image of it : "I never used it, but some people told me told me that 
Cocoon is very cool and powerful".
- some people told me "I tried to use it, but it lacks some docs and I 
couldn't find my way in all this stuff".

Well, nothing really new, but this clearly shows the need for docs...


PS: I nearly finished a long presentation about using pipelines as 
sitemap components (aka "pipeline services"). More on this soon.

Sylvain Wallez                                  Anyware Technologies 
{ XML, Java, Cocoon, OpenSource }*{ Training, Consulting, Projects }

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