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From Hussayn Dabbous <>
Subject cocoon-2.0.3 fails when modifying a sitemap.xconf online ...
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 12:43:01 GMT

I run into following problem:

I have separated my sitemap into a master and a
sub sitemap. My application works fine with this
configuration. Today i added some documentation
lines to the master sitemap. Directly after i saved
the mastersitemap, cocoon constantly rejects
processing my pages with a null pointer exception in

   Source stylesheet,
   XMLFilter filter)

After restarting cocoon, everything works again.
The problem does NOT occur, when i modify the
sub sitemap! This behaviour is reproducible on my
site. Only my pages are affected. (I did not check,
what happens, when i touch the cocoon sitemap itself.)

I searched the mailinglists and bugzilla and found some
hints, that point to the class and even the method
mentioned above, but they don't seem to fit to the problem
i encounter.

my preliminary results on code investigation:
I found, that the instance variable "store" of the XSLTProcessorImpl
instance is set to NULL. The exact cause of the exception is in method
getTemplates() (below the offending statement marked with "<===" )

private Templates getTemplates(Source stylesheet, String id)
   throws ProcessingException, IOException, SAXException {
   if (!useStore) {
      return null;
   if (getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {
   getLogger().debug("XSLTProcessorImpl getTemplates: stylesheet " + id);

   // Only stylesheets with a last modification date are stored
   if (stylesheet.getLastModified() == 0) {
      // Remove an old template
      store.remove(id);  <=== This statement fails because store==NULL
      return null;

   . . .

But i can't figure out, why store is NOT set after all, or better, why
it is set to NULL after modifying the sitemap...

my environment:

i use a local-catalog configured in cocoon.xconf
additional note: the bahaviour occurs with xalan AND with saxon

Did anyone hit the same problem ?
Is there something i can do against it ?
Maybe there is an error in my sitemaps, that causes such a problem?

I include the two sitempas as attachement in case that someone might
want to have a look at them. (i renamed the sitemaps so that they
can be easier destinguished in the attachement, on my site the reside
in different directories and are both named "sitemap.xconf")

Any hint would be highly appreciated...

regards, Hussayn

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