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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [FYI] Article on Linux/Cocoon vs.Microsoft-licensed software.
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 11:59:10 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> Interesting, tackles the subject from very pragmatic angles IMHO:
> I like the conclusion:
> "This, to me, is a decisive issue: Linux and Cocoon it is."
> (first mentioned by ReinhardPoetz at

Hmmm, I'll tell you, I get mixed feelings on this article.

First, it seems to me the guy compares apples and oranges. Take a look 
at the software table:

Programming language: XMLSpy vs. mod_perl/mod_php

What is he talking about? Obviously he doesn't even have a clue on how 
Cocoon works. In fact, the comparison is between

Database integration: Microsoft Biztalk Server vs. Cocoon

If comparing XMLSpy with PHP looks weird, comparing BizTalk with Cocoon 
looks completely ackward to me. It is like comparing a computer and 
tunneling microscope because they both need eletricity to run.

Both Biztalk and Cocoon use XML and SAX, therefore they compete. What 
the hell is he talking about?

                               - o -

Many people ask me the question: what is the commercial competitor of 
Cocoon? I usually say I don't go around chasing for commercial 
competitors because we don't compete, but the real question is: are 
there *ANY* commercial competitors out there? are there any xml-based 
frameworks that get the big picture?

My impression is that cocoon created a market niche and provided the 
best of breek solution at no cost. How can you beat that? How can you 
beat a development community which is millions of dollars a year worth 
of design, development, bugfixing, testing and user feedback?

And still we are not a top level project.

You know what I think? The most direct competitor of Cocoon is, drum 
roll, Microsoft .NET NG!

What is that? well, I think Microsoft doesn't really get it now, but it 
is starting to catch up quickly. Some .NET next generation will have 
weapons to compete with Cocoon (unlike the J2EE which will remain mostly 
as they are)

But I think it will take years for them to catch up and *understand* 
there is a market and Cocoon has 100% market share and this market is 
where the money is! (medium to large sites and web-apps probably count 
for 90% of total money investiments on the web)

By that time, we'll have already implemented our block user-library and 
we'll have enough development inertia with our satellite projects of 
blocks, components and solutions to stand even the biggest marketing 
engine on the planet (microsoft's in fact)

But my suggestion is: let's keep outselves under the radar for now. We 
are not, by far, ready to stand *that* pressure and the amount of FUD 
that will be thrown out to us.

This is why I think that article is, in fact, harming us. Please, let's 
avoid sticking it into the press/news section of our documentation.

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <>

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