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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: machine name for
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 17:05:29 GMT
David Crossley wrote:

> We need to decide a machine name for
> This was one of the many issues that arose from
>  [important proposal] Cocoon as official Apache project
> Here are some English (probably Latin) name suggestions,
> in no particular order. I have based these on the purpose
> of i.e. a collaborative application development
> environment to develop, demonstrate, and showcase Cocoon-based
> applications.
> 1) larvae
> The young forms of insects that spin cocoons.
> They then undergo metamorphosis inside their cocoons.
> (noun, plural)

nah, it should be 'larva' but in italian 'being a larva' means being 
sort of do-nothing people. It bears a negative feeling.

> 2) pupae
> "An insect in the non-feeding, usually immobile,
> transformation stage between the larva and the imago."
> (noun, plural) Alternative plural is pupas.

pupa can be used in italian to mean 'baby', like in "hey baby, did you 
know you've got a pretty site. Did anybody ever click on it?" [heard on 
one of Carlo Verdone's movies] I don't think that gives the right 

> 3) imago
> An adult insect. Also has a meaning in psychoanalysis:
> "An idealised concept of a loved one formed in childhood,
> which continues to influence adult behaviour."
> (noun, singular) plural is imagines.

Ugo already cited Foscolo, but 'imago' is highly abused in psycology and 
in visual arts. Let's not abuse it further, please.

> 4) pupate
> To become a pupa, i.e the process
> (verb)


> 5) silk
> "The fine, soft, lustrous fibre obtained from the
> cocoon of the silkworm."

Silk is pretty cool.

> 6) larval
> In the form of a larva.
> (adjective)

hmmm, I wouldn't name a machine with an adjective, it doesn't sound right.

> 7) chyrsalis
> The hard-shelled pupa of a moth or butterfly.

I think you mispelled that. It should be 'chrysalis' but I agree that is 
too close with Ken's Krysalis and also used by the PHP clone of Cocoon. 
So I would avoid this.

> I am still looking for the word which means
> the emergence of the final thing from the cocoon
> and its expression to its new world.

One suggestion: let's choose a name that goes well with the rest of the 
apache servers. So far, the most important ones are:

  - daedalus
  - icarus
  - nagoya

the first two are ancient mythology characters while nagoya is a 
japanese island (in the sun lab they go crazy about island names, guess 
why? :)

No, I won't propose 'madagascar' or 'greenland', I'm more a 
myth-oriented guy.

Ok, here I come. This is kind of provoquing, but my proposal for the 
name is:

  - lilith

First, I would like our machine name to be named after a women, not a 
man. Cocoon is about creation, metamorphosis and birth, I think a female 
character is much more suited for that.

Second, I want it to be provocative. And here is the story (find the 
full story at ):

<quote taken-from="">
Some say the God created man and woman in His own image on the Sixth 
Day, giving them charge over the world, but that Eve did not yet exist. 
Now, God had set Adam to name every beast, bird and other living thing. 
When they passed before him in pairs, male and female, Adam --being 
already like a twenty-year-old man-- felt jealous of their loves, and 
though he tried coupling with each female creature in turn, found no 
satisfaction in the act. He therefore cried: "Every creature but I has a 
proper mate!" and prayed God would remedy this injustice.

God then formed Lilith, the first woman, just as He had formed Adam, 
except that he used filth and sediment instead of pure dust. [...]

Adam and Lilith never found peace together, for when he wished to lie 
with her, she took offence at the recumbent position he demanded. "Why 
must I lie beneath you?" she asked. "I also was made from dust, and am 
therefore your equal." Because Adam tried to compel her obedience by 
force, Lilith, in a rage, uttered the magic name of God, rose into the 
air and left him.

Now, Lilith is *not* pictured as a positive character. She is, in fact, 
normally pictured as a bitch of biblical dimensions. But that's exactly 
what I like about the character:

- 'why should I lie beneath you if I'm also made from dust'? is exactly 
the reason that we'll adopt to ask the foundation to be promoted at 
first level.

- I think an open community should be more friendly to women and we 
should make all possible efforts to have a more balanced environment and 
having such a provocative name would be cool

- lilith is also referred to extensively in "Neon Genesis Evangelion", 
one of my favorite anime ever. :)

What do you think? are you brave enough to vote yes to such a 
provocative name? :)

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <>

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