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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Mods to CocoonLucene
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 18:29:37 GMT

On Friday, Nov 15, 2002, at 14:12 Europe/London, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

>> 2.) Modified LuceneIndexContentHandler to add (Stored, Untokenised, 
>> Unindexed) 'title' fields to the index, made from
> Configurable (and default is
>> <title/>
> )

Hi Vadim,

There are two things that do need to be configurable, maybe I can ask 
your advice.

SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl does not have it's configuration code, for 
configuring 'content-view', which would be useful, I think I can work 
this out.

I'd also like (as you suggest) to configure LuceneIndexContentHandler 
with a list of tag localnames that should be added to the index in such 
a way that they are retrieved with hits.

LuceneIndexContentHandler is not a Component, it is instantiated 
directly by SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl.

How best to configure LuceneIndexContentHandler?

1) add the 'hit-fields' (?) configuration to 
SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl, and have it pass the List to 
LuceneIndexContentHandler in it's constructor?

2) Same as above but using a setter method instead of the constructor 

3) make LuceneIndexContentHandler into a configurable component, with a 
role, have SimpleLuceneXMLIndexerImpl find it by that role, configuring 
it with 'hit-fields' directly?

Thanks for any suggestions

regards Jeremy

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