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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [proposal] board resolution version 1.1
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 10:21:25 GMT

On Wednesday, Nov 27, 2002, at 18:57 Europe/London, Stefano Mazzocchi 

> Things to be decided:
> 1) the PMC chair. so far I'm the only person who volunteered. I'd be 
> happy to accept that job. (hey, that would turn me into a 
> vice-president of the foundation, wow :-)

I see little sense in anyone else being chair.
You are the one who seems to keep the community aspect most in mind 

>                                - o -
> 2) the list of PMC members.
> My intention is to have a large PMC. Every active cocoon committer 
> will have the chance to be in that PMC without requiring an election.
> At the same time, I'd ask you people to consider partecipation at the 
> PMC as a serious thing and step out *NOW* if you don't feel like you 
> should be there.

Have you any more information as to what the role of PMC members is to 
What are the responsibilities?

> A PMC is the Project Management Commitee. As for ASF bylaws, the PMC 
> is legally responsible of the oversight of the project and reports 
> directly to the ASF board via its chair.
> The PMC is responsible for *all* the codebases that it will host. Note 
> that if the Cocoon PMC will host more codebases, *all* committers from 
> all hosted codebases will be treated equal, this (and other ASF-wide 
> communities) will hopefully avoid the jakarta-effect of internal 
> fragmentation.

this sounds good

> This is the list of the current active committers


Thanks for adding me.

regards Jeremy

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