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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: excalibur-datasource and avalon-excalibur doesn't fit
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 07:52:05 GMT
Hi Team,

is noone affected by this problem? If yes, could please someone update
the 2.0.x branch. It's really simple:

Just copy the excalibur jars from 2.1 to the branch and update the jars.xml
file according to the 2.1 version.
Cocoon will not compile then immediately, because of some incompatible
changes in some excalibur components :) - some component interfaces
do not extend Component anymore, so when you release such a 
component, you have to cast it to Component beforehand - I think there
are only 3 or 4 casts to add. And that's it.

I would really appreciate if someone could fix this, because we want to
do a release on next Wednesday - and I will not have commit access
before monday.


>Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>can someone update the 2.0.x-branch, please - I don't have any
>cvs access for this week :(
>Perhaps the best way is to synchronize the 2.0.x branch with
>the set of excalibur-jars from 2.1 - so both branches use
>the same libraries here.
>I think this problem is fixed in the 2.1 version, but I'm not sure.
>Perhaps you have to build the required packages of Excalibur
>from cvs.
>> wrote:
>>Current Cocoon Version 2.0.4dev Head:
>>excalibur-datasource-vm12-20021121.jar and avalon-excalibur-vm12-20020705.jar
>>doesn't fit together.
>>class ResourceLimitingJdbcDataSource in file
>>excalibur-datasource-vm12-20021121.jar uses
>>org.apache.excalibur.instrument.Instrumentable but
>>avalon-excalibur-vm12-20020705.jar defines
>>What happen:
>>java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/excalibur/instrument/Instrumentable
Carsten Ziegeler
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