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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: release plan for 2.1?
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2002 10:53:54 GMT
Neeme Praks wrote
>Hi Cocooners!
>>From the website, I can see a release plan for Cocoon 2.1:
>This is the current time frame for the next releases:
>* October 2002 : 2.0.4 (bug fix release)
>* October 2002 : 2.1 Alpha
>* End of November 2002 : 2.1 Beta 1
>It is end of november, but I haven't seen 2.1 alpha as being released
>(not even mentioning 2.1 beta...).
>(Also the cocoon-dev has not had any further discussions on this, as far
>as I could see from the subject lines)
>So, the plans have probably changed, right? Could you then share with
>"the world", what are the new plans? (and also update the website, of
Yes, this is right, the plans have changed - but we have a plan :)

So actually, we agreed some weeks ago to make a 2.1alpha last week :)
(OT: Does anyone know a smiley for a wide grin?)

I think I can make a 2.1alpha1 next week - if most things are working by then.

>Any major showstoppers?
>Or can I just grap a snapshot from the CVS 2.1 branch and try it out?
I'm not aware of major showstoppers - but some features are not finalized
and sorted out yet, which means some components might change or need
some more work.

I planned to start a discussion for a release plan with a todo list next
week, when it's easier for me to write/read mails - but we can do it
this week as well.

Uups, schon wieder den Geburtstag von Antonio verpasst? Wof├╝r gibt es
den Organizer von WEB.DE FreeMail?

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