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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: new validate-schematron build target
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2002 08:13:23 GMT
Colin Paul Adams wrote:
> >>>>> "David" == David Crossley writes:
>     David> This currently picks up two minor errors (which Colin has
>     David> already advised how to fix). I have not yet managed to fix
> Is that because you want to let people see the horrible interim method
> of reporting the errors? That was only meant as an interim method,
> whilst I was setting up the initial rules.

Not intentionally - i ran out of time yesterday. The actual
errors are fixed now, so people will only see their own new
errors being reported. Sure, error reporting can be improved
but this is a start.

> What we need is a proper ant task for validating (the xslt method
> for extracting the schematron rules is fine, but using
> basic-schematron to do the validation is a hopeless hack

I am not sure what you mean here.

> - in particular, it will not work on windows, as it
> issues ls commands(!)).

There must be a better platform-independent way in Ant to
list a filename if it exists.

>     David> This is a excellent enhancement, providing an
>     David> infrastructure for other validation. Currently only doing
>     David> sitemaps.
> I noticed that there is some sort of Schematron Validation
> component - can we use that, or does it require Cocoon to be
> up and running?

That is right, but not during build-time.

> In any case, It should be useful for runtime validation of
> re-loaded sitemaps.

Perhaps. It would be good if someone could try, now that
there is a basic sitemap grammar available.

>     David> Colin had a comment in build.xml patch ...  <!-- won't work
>     David> with Xalan due to a bug - needs saxon7, --> <!-- but the
>     David> classpath attribute won't work --> Well, everything is fine
>     David> for the current 2.1 .. Is that because we now use XSLTC?
> Maybe, I don't know. All I know is it wasn't working until I emptied
> by java endorsed lib, and put saxon 7 in there instead.
> There is also a comment in the stylesheet that says it's a bug in
> xalan that causes the error, and specifically mentions saxon is ok. It
> doesn't mention xsltc (at least, I don't remember it).

Okay. We may need to list these issues somewhere.
It is probably time to start a Validation document in the
core Cocoon documentation. I will get that started.


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