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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [proposal] board resolution version 1.1
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 03:25:37 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Things to be decided:
> 1) the PMC chair. so far I'm the only person who volunteered. I'd be 
> happy to accept that job. (hey, that would turn me into a vice-president 
> of the foundation, wow :-)

+1 from me for Stefano to be chair, because he is deserving
and it is appropriate.

>                                 - o -
> 2) the list of PMC members.
> My intention is to have a large PMC. Every active cocoon committer will 
> have the chance to be in that PMC without requiring an election.

The last time i heard, the intention was to start the
Cocoon PMC with *all* Cocoon committers. Why the sudden
change to "active committers" only?

If we follow that route, then Stefano, you would not be on the
PMC, because by the definition of CVS xml-cocoon/xdocs/who.xml
and the history at
you actually belong in the "Inactive Committers" section
and are close to being "Emeritus". You are not the only
one in that situation.

So, we need to define very carefully what constitutes a PMC
member and how/when PMC members are considered to be retired.
We must get this whole PMC setup correct from the beginning.

> At the same time, I'd ask you people to consider partecipation at the 
> PMC as a serious thing and step out *NOW* if you don't feel like you 
> should be there.
> A PMC is the Project Management Commitee. As for ASF bylaws, the PMC is 
> legally responsible of the oversight of the project and reports directly 
> to the ASF board via its chair.
> The PMC is responsible for *all* the codebases that it will host. Note 
> that if the Cocoon PMC will host more codebases, *all* committers from 
> all hosted codebases will be treated equal, this (and other ASF-wide 
> communities) will hopefully avoid the jakarta-effect of internal 
> fragmentation.
> This is the list of the current active committers
>        Nicola Ken Barozzi (
>        Marcus Crafter (
>        David Crossley (
>        Torsten Curdt (
>        Bertrand Delacr&#233;taz (
>        Vadim Gritsenko (
>        Christian Haul (
>        Ivelin Ivanov (
>        Stefano Mazzocchi (
>        Stephan Michels (
>        John Morrison (
>        Steven Noels (
>        Andrew Oliver (
>        Giacomo Pati (
>        Konstantin Piroumian (
>        Ovidiu Predescu (
>        Jeremy Quinn (
>        Gianugo Rabellino (
>        Peter Royal (
>        Diana Shannon (
>        Davanum Srinivas (
>        Sylvain Wallez (
>        Carsten Ziegeler (
> If you think you should be there but you are not listed, please speak up 
> now.
> If you don't want to sit in the PMC, please speak up now.
> [matthew has been proposed and will be added to the list if accepted]
>                                 - o -
> 3) the scope of the Cocoon PMC
> well, this is not easy, I'll try to come up with something soon and a 
> vision to share.

Just get started and we will all help to develop the vision.
We should start with building a simple list of dot-points.
Shall we do it on the Cocoon Wiki or on cocoon-dev ?


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